Festival of  DESECE Children’s

Workshops and Faculty Members

The Children’s Festival functions as an informal learning environment for the children that take part in the workshops.

The educators who accompanying their students, they have the opportunity to watch and to be inspired by innovative activities in a variety of disciplines and to expand them in their classroom.

Motor Games (Vassiliki Riga)

Shapes and Colors (Antonis Vaos & Alexandra Mouriki)

Puppet Theatre (Vassiliki Riga)

Playing Music (Georgia Parparoussi & Niki Bartzela)

My Rights (Stathis Balias)

Storytelling (Dimitris Politis)

Researchers of Mathematics (Konstantinos Zacharos)

Robotic Explorations (Vassilis Komis)

Renewable Energy Sources (Dimitris Koliopoulos)

Intercultural Education (Eugenia Arvanitis)

Little Chefs (Students)

Circus Games (Thanassis Karalis)

The Land of Colours (Antonis Vaos & Maria Kentrota)

Participate and Decide (Stathis Balias)

Traditional Games (Vassiliki Riga)

Musical Tales (Georgia Parparoussi & Niki Bartzela)

Folk Songs & Dances (Grigoris Mirkonis)

Tongue-untied (Marianna Kondyli)

Origami (Vassiliki Riga)

Land Art (Graduate Students of DESECE)