Festival of  DESECE Children’s

1st Children’s Festival

The concept of the Children’s Festival began in 2010 as part of undergraduate courses taught in DESECE, a university department that prepares future teachers for the Early Childhood Education. At the end of the academic year of 2009-2010, forty-seven 2nd and 3rd year students visited for one week the two schools that are hosted on the university campus (the Experimental Kindergarten and the Municipal Day Care Centre of Rio), in order to organise creative activities for the toddlers and the preschoolers.

The activities, which were based on various forms of dramatisation and body expression, aimed at improving the physical and motor skills of the children/participants, develop their creative expression, expand their imagination etc. The students designed the activities using the following structure.

1. Introduction: Introductory games in order to get to know each other, start working with each other, team-building, coordinating with the group, communicating etc.

2. Main Part: the main activity (goal, teaching method, materials used, links with various cognitive areas, verbal instructions, possible variations etc.)

3. Closure: Resting activities, activities of artistic expression such as painting, relaxation, discussion, evaluation etc.

Few statistics…

The participants of the 1st Children’s Festival were:

- 47 University students

- 1 University teacher

- 90 Children

- 2 Schools

- 2 Workshops were organised