Festival of  DESECE Children’s

3rd Children’s Festival

The Children’s Festival became more known to the educational community and the interest of the students started to grow. Firstly, an announcement was posted in order to inform the students of the voluntary participation in the Children’s Festival. Then, an open event took place in order to familiarise the students with the objectives and the activities of the Festival and to form the Organising Committee. The open event was followed by a series of meetings between the university teachers and the volunteers students in order to discuss ideas for creative, innovative and educational activities.

The Festival took place late May - early June and for a week seven workshops were fully-functional in a daily basis. The basic requirements for the workshops to take place were the educational orientation of the activities, the use of useless and natural materials and finally the respect to the university’s natural environment.

The schools that attended the 3rd Children's festival were: The 1st Kindergarten and Primary School for Children with Special Needs, the Kindergarten of Kato Kastritsi, the 21st and 48th Kindergartens, the Experimental Kindergarten, the 14th Municipal Day Care Centre of Patras, the “Sotirhopoulos” private Kindergarten.

Few statistics…


- 200 University students

- 6 University teachers

- 250 Children

- 7 Schools

- 7 Workshops were organised