12th Children's Festival, a week with lots of play!

The experimentation of the 12th Children's Festival with distance learning has come to an end. An original activity of the Children's Festival for kindergarten children, with a lot of care from the students and graduates of D.E.S.E.C.E.

The 20th Kindergarten of Patras (section 2) and the Private Kindergarten "The Little Researchers" from Nafpaktos experimented with distance learning in the company of the Children's Festival and shared their projects and photos with us.


(20ο Νηπιαγωγείο Πατρών)

  (Ιδ. Νηπιαγωγείο «Οι Μικροί Ερευνητές»)

All activities of the 12th Children's Festival are available for "on demand" viewing on the Children's Festival channel at YouTube.

We renew our appointment for next year at the 13th Children's Festival at the premises of the University of Patras.

And do not forget! Play, play and… play!