Patras: Α fierce confrontation between Mr Winter and Mr Summer

Winter and summer are constantly fighting. But a gentleman will be found to stop them. Who is he and which season did he choose between the two?
Panou Dimitra

In search of meaning

What is the meaning of life; A painter, a special painting and a poet give their own answer.
Katsifi, Makridaki, Timpili, Psarommati

Mystery in the Summertown

What happens when a sudden downpour upsets citizens? When a hidden secret comes to the surface and a fake, or perhaps true friendship, ends? Will Hercules Leontaro, the most successful detective, manage to solve the mystery?
Belavgeni Angeliki Danai

The cup of coffee

No one likes loneliness... even creatures we have not thought could feel alone. See how a mug, sugar and cookies come to life and become friends.
Zachariadis Konstantina

The pandemic box

We all went through the quarantine together and everyone found a special way to express how he/she felt. Little Elenitsa expressed through a theatrical improvisation. How would you express your feelings?
Demertzi Evangelia

Turquoise sea or blue?

Will Maya be able to convince her friends that "Blue" is good? And finally, which blue will Tony choose? But I think that the right choice is one, and that is recycling. Let's see…
Voutsinou Fotini

My forever friend

How can a star and a boy be best friends? Watch Peter's adventure for the eternal friendship that changed his life.