Goodbye 14th Children's Festival of D.E.S.E.C.E.! Who will be the 15th Organizing Committee?

The 14th Children's Festival of D.E.S.E.C.E. comes full circle! A beautiful and satisfying cycle for both the volunteers and the members of the organizing committee who became a family! Thank you Festival!!

But those of you, students of D.E.S.E.C.E. wish to be on the 15th Organizing Committee, you can send your CV to until 23/6/2023, with the following information:


▪︎ first and last name
▪︎year of study
▪︎number of participations in the Children's Festival
▪︎incentives for participation and any additional information you think may support your candidacy!


A prerequisite is that you have participated in the Children's Festival at least once.

The interviews for the selection of the organizing committee of the 15th Children's Festival of D.E.S.E.C.E. will take place on 6/28 strictly for life.


The Organizing Committee of the 14th Children's Festival of D.E.S.E.C.E.