Invitation of the Children's Festival of D.E.S.E.C.E. for the educational Seminar with the lecturer Vasia Tsotsou

The Children's Festival of D.E.S.E.C.E. invites you to an educational Seminar with the speaker Vasia Tsotsou!
Athens Bubble Society | Bubble Participatory Workshop: Participatory workshop for adults based on the idea of ​​playing with bubbles
This is an interactive workshop for adults during which we will experiment with the material of bubbles. The main idea of ​​the workshop refers to the bubble game as a form of non-verbal communication intervention in education.
The bubbles are a visual stimulus that instantly attracts the participants, creates a relationship of direct interaction, underlines the importance of the here and now, the value of lived practice and the power of play within the (school) community.
The purpose of the workshop is the game and the mutual interaction and communication of the group. In a reflective mood we will identify our relationship with childhood, the representations and limits of play within the educational process.
Duration: 12:00-15:00
Space: Indoor
Number of participants: 18 people (priority order will be observed)
Presenter: Vasia Tsotsou, researcher, Ph.D. of Panteion University, Bubble Performer – in the group La Petite Marguerite []
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Participation details:
Name, contact phone number.
The workshop will be held on Friday, February 10, from 12:00 to 15:00 at the University of Patras in the department of D.E.S.E.C.E.
*Essential condition is studying at D.E.S.E.C.E. of the University of Patras.
The Organizing Committee of the 14th Children's Festival of D.E.S.E.C.E.